Merrill Historical Society, Inc.
  Merrill History & Culture Center
100 E. Third Street, Merrill, WI 54452

Our Mission is to identify, collect, preserve and protect historic cultural resources relating to the history of Wisconsin, and specifically the Merrill area.
Status of the Heritage Center Project: 
We are waiting for a few remaining building materials to come in:  
  • treads for the original stairway area; 
  • wood shoe for the base around our original refinished wood floor upstairs;
  • a radiator replacement; 
  • Spring cleaning to spruce up the lower level again and rid it of plaster dust.

The Merrill Historical Society Board of Directors is making every effort to complete this building project without using the approved Line of Credit, and we have been able to do that through this point.
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New Items of Merrill History to Check Out:
  • The Historical Society is helping Matt Kloth sell a DVD that he has produced about Merrill - some past and some present pictures.  The cost is $15 and Matt is donating $5 of each DVD to a worthy cause.  He has chosen the Historical Society for some of his first sales. Click the button to buy online ($1 shipping is added) or stop in and pick one up.
For Sale - Make an Offer:

As we wind up construction, we have 2 old cast iron radiators from the Heritage Center that are not needed.  We also have a steel door with glass - no frame; and a double wood door - no frame.  If you are interested in them, please call the office - 715-536-5652.
Who is up for Ice Cream!  This summer the Merrill Historical Society will be manning the Little Red Barn for many of the City Band Concerts - starting with the opening concert June 25th!  The proceeds of these sales will go to the Historical Society as we create our new exhibit areas for the community. Come & have a scoop, enjoy some great music and support your local history.