Merrill Historical Society, Inc.
  Merrill History & Culture Center
100 E. Third Street, Merrill, WI 54452

Our Mission is to identify, collect, preserve and protect historic cultural resources relating to the history of Wisconsin, and specifically the Merrill area.
You may have noticed a bit of activity at the New Merrill History & Culture Center - We are in the last phase of the interior renovation and building.  Brick work, plaster repair (including putting a mesh over the entire inside of the upper level of the Heritage Center), lots of electrical work - including wiring for a new sound system, soon some small asbestos removal, then floor refinishing and carpet work, woodwork refinishing, and painting.  We can't wait to show it off.
Because of the construction activity it is a bit hard to go about the business of taking people on tours & work on exhibits.  Work has started in earnest on the "Out of the Sawdust" Exhibit in the Pinery Wing. 

Right now we have taken all the primarily Victorian furniture and musical instsruments (pianos, pump organs, music boxes, etc) down to the Main Exhibit room in the Bierman Wing - these had been stored in the upper level of the Heritage Center during the New Addition Build and now it was most efficient to keep them in the building.  So come and enjoy a bit of Victorian splendor.  

Many of the General Store items are being shown in the lower level - please bear with us as it is just glorified storage at the moment, but great things are in store for the early Summer!
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